After Buffalo led the Bengals to a 21-17 win Sunday at New Era Field, there’s a special kind of hype Bills fans are feeling. The team is 3-0 for the first time in eight years, and that means ticket prices are going up.

In Week 4, the team takes on one of their toughest rivals: The Patriots. A win puts either team on top of the conference… and ticket prices have skyrocketed.

“It is a shock to me,” Brett Sim said, the owner of Southtowns Tickets. “I never in my lifetime think I’d see it… and I’m not that old.”

Brett Sim is a WNY native, and owns Southtowns Tickets, which is a third party ticket selling site in the area. He was shocked telling News 4’s Kelsey Anderson that the cheapest ticket on his site, as of Monday afternoon, was $160. With fees, two tickets will cost a fan about $380.

The price of these tickets is the highest Sim has seen for an Orchard Park game in 15 years.

Sim said if fans are still looking for tickets, Tuesday and Wednesday could be ‘moving days,’ when prices could shift. But he also said it’s so hard to predict exactly where the prices will go from here.

“Right now, there’s about 2400 tickets on the secondary market,” he said. “If these tickets don’t sell in the next 48 hours, you’re going to start seeing sellers looking to move these tickets, and start to lower these prices, knowing there’s about four days until the game.”

Sim said 99 percent of the tickets are online, so beware of any hard-copy tickets you see getting sold. The latest you can buy a ticket for the game Sunday is around 2:30 p.m., after kickoff. He warned, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.