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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Nia Puccio was let go from her Environmental job at the start of the pandemic. She decided to take her love of travel and antiques and follow a new passion.

“So Schoolies are little small houses that are put in school buses, and I love antiques, so I was like ‘I wonder if I could sell antiques while I’m on the road!’ You know…have a little fun,” explained Puccio.

After buying her bus off a farmer in Pennsylvania, she had to get to work, making sure her bus fit New York State regulations.

“I had to get up on the roof with the roller and paint the bus,” Puccio recalled. “I had to remove the lights that were school zone lights, and it was a process.”

But she says it was well worth her time. Almost 8 months later, Puccio travels around to consignment shops, festivals and pop-up events.

“I’ve had lots of local businesses reach out to me, wanting to park. We’re going to be in Rochester this year, Salem, Massachusetts. We’re so happy with all the out reach, and we didn’t realize it would be across the states as well.”

Puccio sells mid-century modern antiques from the 50’s through the 70’s. She says many items are acquired through shops, but most are donated from basements and garages.

“It’s things from their parents, and grandparents and from when they were children, and it’s so much fun to have people come up and say ‘oh my gosh I had this when I was a child’.”

Connecting Western New Yorkers, one relic at a time.

“It’s become this family and community project, and it’s just been so much fun to do.”

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