Neighbors in the Town of Boston are calling on Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz to fix pothole-riddled roads. 

Some local leaders are also demanding action, calling it a safety issue. 

Officials in the Southtowns go through this process almost annually, appealing to the Erie County Executive- to pay more than lip service to fixing the county’s roads. 

A contingent of Southtowns elected officials and a homeowner renewed their call to County Executive Mark Poloncarz to devote more of the county’s highway resources to road repair.

They pointed out the deep potholes and deteriorating conditions along Zimerman Road and Back Creek Road as prime examples.

Boston Town Supervisor Jason Keating points out he has received dozens of complaints, and road conditions are also a matter of public safety-  especially when first responders have to endure these rough roads.

“When you are looking at people being transported by ambulance and they are having to swerve into sometimes other lanes, or go over potholes, or the emergency vehicles themselves are being bounced around- it really does come down to an unacceptable practice,” Keating said.