HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) — Contractors like Murray Roofing are trying to keep up with the demand as Western New Yorkers dig out from that heavy lake effect snow. But, it’s leaving some residents concerned about all that weight sitting on their roofs.

80 years of history reduced to a pile of rubble. We were there as the condemned Braymiller’s Lanes were demolished. Its roof collapsed last weekend after heavy, wet snow crashed through the roof.

“This is an older town an older village and we all face that possibility, but god is good — no one was injured,” said Hamburg resident Patti Ann Imperi.

“It’s sad, it’s a sad day for all.”

It was a similar story at Draudt’s in Hamburg, where their almost century-old business is temporarily closed after their greenhouses collapsed. Those collapses have left some Southtown residents worried about their own roofs.

Lisa Damon lives in the Village of Hamburg and is concerned about the weight of the snow.

“When people talk about their creaking and such I’m afraid I’m going to have the same problem,” Damon told News 4.

“It’s just not a priority,” Damon added. “I would rather fix it after the fact, even though it would be nice to prevent it. But, you know, if you can’t, you can’t.”

Alan Herdt is the vice president of Murray Roofing and said his crews are trying to keep up with the demand of concerned customers.

“It depends on the availability of manpower to get out there for the customer to tackle every situation from residential or commercial,” said Herdt.

And Herdt added that if you even have a slight suspicion you might be having trouble with your roof, call a professional.

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