BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A Buffalo-based manufacturing company is changing the 3D printing industry. They say Buffalo is on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution.

PostProcess Technologies is the first and only company in the world to automate whats called “post-printing” for the industrial manufacturing industry. It’s something leaders say will help make Buffalo a leader in this field.

Daniel Hutchinson, CTO and Founder created the software technology behind the company. He said, “The industry issue is when the printer said it was finished, that’s when we started.”

He says this will solve a major issue for the 3D printing industry. “We transform from where the printer stops, to where the customers expectations are. So, we connect.”

3D printed parts generally come off the printer with a rough surface, and those companies would have to remove the surface material by hand. Now the machines will do that for you.

CEO Jeff Mize said the 3D printing industry is growing more than he ever imagined. He said it’s touching every market out there.

Diana Robbins, Director of Marketing said, “You think about cars, what’s on planes, what’s in your phones. All of these things are being touched by industrial manufacturing.”

And major corporations are looking to jump on the bandwagon. Mize said, “I would say probably more than 80 percent of our customers are Fortune 100 or Fortune 150 customers and we’re the only company that offers this automated solution. So it’s been fun to bring this to the market.”

They’ve gotten a lot of financial support from the state, as leaders hope to make Buffalo its own version of Silicon Valley. “To know Buffalo could really be a center for the new age of the industrial revolution, and to know this technology will be used in every kind of industrial setting,” said Robbins.

The startup has 26 employees right now but growing at a fast pace. They’re looking to hire engineers, sales managers, and marketing professionals.

State leaders will celebrate the company’s grand opening here in Buffalo next week.

To learn more about PostProcess Technologies, head to their website here.