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Buffalo Bills fans push for Pancho Billa to lead the charge


Bills super fan Pancho Billa is once again trending on social media tonight. Fans are trying to get Pancho to lead the team on the field for their home opener September 16th.

It's once again time for Bills fans to unite, and not just because the season opener is a few weeks away.

Pancho told News 4, “Oh man you just gave me goosebumps. It would really mean the world to me if I was able to do that.”

Pancho Billa is attending the home opener vs the Los Angeles Chargers, just as he's done for years. He's looking forward to everything from the tailgate, to the touchdowns. But this year, he's hoping to be a part of the experience. Pancho said, “I hope the Bills are listening and watching it! Regardless if it happens or not, I’m going to be there rooting on for the Bills. I hope it happens though, that would be awesome.”

That's where the hashtag "Panchos Charge" comes in to play. Celebrities, hall of famers, and current players have all jumped on board to get the Bills' biggest fan to lead the charge on September 16th. Some of those offering support are: olympian Summer Sanders,  former and current Bills players: Andre Reed, and Lorenzo Alexander.

Pancho shared, “It's picking up steam. Bills Mafia started it and I owe it all to them.”

Another tailgating legend, Pinto Ron, widely known for his ketchup and mustard stunt, is behind the movement as well. Since Pancho's diagnosis, Pinto has worked to keep his close friend's spirits high. Leading the team onto New Era Field will go a long way. Here's Pinto, sans condiments.

He says, “When he first developed the illness, he was really down for about a month. But when the Bills Mafia started responding, and all this publicity started happening, and more importantly people started personally reaching out, it really raised his spirits up.”

So Buffalo, set down the chicken wings, put a pause on the table smashing, and take to Twitter for Pancho! After all, Bills fandom has always been bigger than football.

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