Buffalo business builds extree-vagent structures off the ground

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With more people focusing on living sustainably, a local company is growing. Buffalo Treehouse creates extravagant elevated spaces to play in, and even live in.

Crews at Buffalo Treehouse do it all: paint, built, and scale. Employees are just as much climbers as they are carpenters.

“They’re pretty fit, and they have to be 100 percent focused when they’re up there,” Ricardo Rivera said, the owner of Buffalo Treehouse.

This is the 12th season for Buffalo Treehouse, which is the only business of its kind in New York. And Rivera said business has really started looking up in the past few years.

“Instead of clear cutting a lot and pouring a big concrete foundation, live within the trees, live within nature,” he said. “It’s good for the environment. It has a low carbon footprint.”

In all, Rico and his team have built around 50 treehouses. The one in the video above is being built for an East Aurora homeowner, who built it for her grandkids to play in. But the spaces can get up to 1,000 sq. ft. A recent build in Ohio included everything a normal home would.

“They have full electrical, running water, composting toilets, showers, the whole nine (yards),” Rivera said. “Just about everything you have a real house, you can have in a treehouse.”

To start, Rivera has an arborist come out to a location and carefully inspect the tree. Then, it could take anywhere from two weeks, to 10 weeks to build a treehouse.

“Everything is made in a shop, and then we bring it out piece by piece, and it gets assembled, kind of like a Lego set.”

The houses certainly aren’t what you’d expect out of a normal treehouse. A tremendous amount of work and detail goes into the structures. And at the end, Rivera said there’s a lot of pride he feels looking at a finished product.

“For us, the dream is to have the treehouse be the sustainable standard to live in and that way we’re just doing the environment justice.”

You’ll soon see Buffalo Treehouse at the new Explore and More Children’s Museum. The crew is installing a treehouse exhibit there, this Fall.

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