Buffalo Common Council member says some cell providers offer poor wireless service on East Side

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(WIVB) – A Buffalo Common Council member says the cell phone service for some carriers on the city’s East Side is atrocious- and he wants something done about it. 

Councilman Ulysses Wingo told News 4 that he believes the quality of wireless service on the East Side is inferior to wireless service in other sections of the city. He said that the cell phone companies know it, but they apparently feel no responsibility to improve service. 

Wingo’s point is that customers of these companies are paying the same for inferior service as customers who are getting the better service.

These are lesser known wireless carriers that Wingo has the problem with.

So the Masten District Councilman told us, he contacted his carrier, which suggested he get a wireless router to boost his signal- within his house- but Wingo says, even with the wireless boost- once he leaves his house, the signal still drops.

“I noticed that my cell phone was not working in my personal home,” Wingo said. “So I would call the provider, week in, week out, to try to get some type of relief from the fact that my phone would always drop calls–but only around where I lived at.  Other parts of the city would be okay.”

“My question to them was, so you want me to pay the same amount for what someone is paying in a great coverage area, for what I am getting in this terrible coverage area? They said unfortunately that is the nature of the business,” Wingo added. 

Wingo says he gave that arrangement about 6 months, cancelled his service, and went with one of the better known wireless providers that cost more- but the service was better.

Wingo believes if the community comes together and demands better service–maybe more cell phone towers–the cell phone companies will have to respond and improve service.

Or simply do as he did, and vote with your feet.

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