(WIVB)–Thanks to Taylor Tobias, the owner of Buffalo Fly Co, you can now add fly fishing to that exciting list of things to try while staying covid safe.

“It’s a great- great quarantine activity or social distancing activity. It’s also just a great way to decompress- be out in nature. You know, if you take a minute to just listen, you don’t hear anything you just hear the babbling of the water if you will. So it’s just really peaceful. It’s a great way to kind of decompress and you know the rhythmic motion of the fly casting it’s just great all around,”Tobias said.

The entire experience is tailored to beginners and Tobias comes fully prepared. He supplies everything that you need from fishing lures to rods and waterproof gear. All that you need to bring are patience and a mask.

“All over Western New York are tons of rivers. You know I tend to go to the South Towns but that’s not to say that if somebody was in Batavia or Niagara, you know I wouldn’t go somewhere else for them. I’m very familiar with all of the rivers around here. So I’m more than happy to take them where it kind of meets them in the middle if you will.”