Buffalo named “America’s Friendliest City”

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What makes Buffalo the friendliest city?

“I would say the people. They’re really friendly and when you’re down they’ll lift you up,” said Pamela Turner of Buffalo.

“I’ve been here my whole life, when there’s a blizzard everyone pitches in and shovels,” said Donna Ross of Buffalo.

The Queen City has been named “America’s Friendliest City” by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

People from across the U.S. were asked to share what their city is best at.

Buffalo scored the highest on hospitality towards tourists, manners, politeness, warm dispositions, and neighborly love.

“I’ve been here since 1988 and it is one of the friendliest cities in America and that’s the reason why it’s called the city of good neighbors,” said Thurman Thomas, Bills Hall of Fame Running Back.

To celebrate, Bills Hall of Fame Running Back Thurman Thomas teamed up with Cheerios to raise money to support local families and scholarships, with these high five machines.

“One of the reasons that I love it here so much is that we do so much for charity. This city has been unbelievable with the charity amount of work that they do to help people that are suffering,” said Thomas.

There’s 2 high five machines in downtown Buffalo today, one at Fountain Plaza and one at Canalside. You give someone a virtual high five and then Cheerios donates $5 to the Thurman Thomas Foundation.

“It supports single family moms that unfortunately don’t have a lot during the Christmas holiday. We give their kids toys, we give them gift certificates from Wegmans, from Tops,” said Thomas.

People here today are walking with free Cheerios and pride in their city. Thurman Thomas says he’s happy to be a part of it.

“Yeah, our football team and our hockey team sometimes they don’t do very well, but the people still come out and support them and I think that’s what really makes this city the best city in America,” said Thomas.

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