Buffalo Police and members of Common Council talk about body camera issues

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Members of the Buffalo Common Council and Buffalo Police Department got together today for another police oversight committee meeting.

Three issues came up when it came to police using body cameras.

One was the process of public input, which the common council says there was none of. Another was how often officers in Buffalo actually have to turn them on.

Buffalo Police say when officers are involved in active police duties, the cameras have to be on unless requested otherwise by a potential victim.

The third topic discussed was transparency, in regard to the release of the footage. 

“I think when we start choosing when we release information, then it becomes a question mark. Why did they release this one and not the other one? I think we should develop a policy. A strong policy that is consistent, That we release the info no matter what,  in a reasonable time,” Councilman Rasheed Wyatt said. 

As of right now, all police in A District, B District, and the officers doing traffic stops are using body cameras.

Police officials say officers in District C should have them by the end of next month, followed by districts D and E.

They hope to have the program fully implemented by the end of the year.

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