Two police officers who call themselves “Buffalo’s Bad Boys” are being rewarded for being good neighbors.

Buffalo police officers Moe Badger and Mike Norwood became celebrities after a video of them singing for customers at a downtown restaurant went viral.

They’re also doing much more for the community, starting a foundation called “Child Overcoming Police Stereotypes Through Sports,” also known as C.O.P.S.S.

This got the attention of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who welcomed the officers on her show Monday.

“We grew up in the inner city of Buffalo, and wanted to develop a program that would really give back to the kids, and have really long-lasting relationships with them,” Norwood said.

Badger said “If we can catch them when they’re younger, we’re coaching them, supporting them in whatever sport it may be, or even singing now; I guess it can be through singing too. But, whatever we can do to mend those bridges, that’s what we’ve tried to do.”

Ellen gave the officers a check for $10,000 for their foundation.