BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A snowy climate didn’t hold back Buffalo in a recent ranking of America’s favorite cities to visit — it beat out all other competitors, including the beloved tourist destination of New York City.

Yes, it beat out beautiful east coast cities like Charleston and Raleigh and topped west coast favorite San Francisco. The Queen City even topped paradise in the form of Honolulu.

The honor comes from Travel and Leisure in its annual ranking of cities beloved by those who travel in America, and even they tipped a hat to Buffalo’s upset.

What stunned most who visited the rust belt gem is the underrated value and charm held in Buffalo’s historic buildings and streets. Paramount to its tourist attraction is its affordability.

Visitors can stay in a historic 1913 in the form of the Curtis Hotel and zip nearby to sample Buffalo favorites in high-end and dive dining. From Marble and Rye to the Anchor Bar, there’s no end of quality food in the Queen City, which also ranked internationally, third best in the world in fact.MORE | Buffalo ranked third best food city in the world. 

Travel and Leisure writers did criticize the climate, however, noting visitors are best able to enjoy what the city has to offer in the late spring, summer and fall months.

See the entire list of cities Buffalo beat out here, and read what Travel and Leisure writers had to say about New York’s underrated gem.