BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The “Singing Cops,” Michael Norwood, Jr. and Armonde “Moe” Badger will be competing for reality competition show glory and at least $1 million on Season 33 of “The Amazing Race.”

“‘The Amazing Race’ was definitely the type of show that we could really be ourselves and really show people why we are who we are,” Norwood said in the team’s introduction video. “We’re both very, very competitive people.”

Norwood said he’s a fan of the show, and after doing some research, thought he and his partner, Badger, would make a great “Amazing Race” team. “This is for us,” he said. Badger added that he believes their biggest strength as a team is knowing each other and how the other thinks.

Norwood said he lost 50 pounds for the show, while Badger lost seven, a number at which Norwood laughed. “What I did was mostly watch him,” Badger said.

Season 33 of “The Amazing Race” is scheduled to premier on CBS on Jan. 5 and will stream on Paramount+. The season also marks 20 years of the competition being aired.

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