BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo “Singing Cops” are one of the eleven teams competing for $1 million on season 33 of The Amazing Race.


Buffalo’s famous singing cops, Moe Badger and Michael Norwood Junior made their debut on The Amazing Race Wednesday night on CBS. But sadly, they were the first ones to be eliminated from the show.

The goal was to win one million dollars. In their short time on-air, they did bring some laughs and of course a little singing.


Police officers Michael Norwood Jr. and Moe Badger have been charming Buffalo and the country since a video of them singing went viral in 2019.

Now, they’ll charm the world through their journey on The Amazing Race.

They said after appearing on The Ellen Show in 2019, they received several calls about opportunities. Badger said this was one they couldn’t pass up.

“Just to have that opportunity with one of the my best friends to see places that I never thought I might see, we’re both from the east side of Buffalo, some people never leave the east side let alone being in Europe and all these other places seeing the world,” Badger said.

Filming was delayed due to COVID-19, so this premiere is two years in the making.

“We get to show people why we are who we are, the funny side of us and why people really took to us so you’re gonna see some very, very hilarious moments,” Norwood said.

Their journey began at Badger’s house. They were told to meet there on a certain date and wait for a text that would tell them their first destination.

“Basically a video text saying, ‘you’re going to England,’ literally we had to grab our stuff jump in a cab and go to the airport.”

They can’t give any spoilers, including whether or not they’ll win the $1 million, but they promise laughs and of course, singing.

“There’s gonna be some stressful times, we might break out into song just to relax a little bit,” Badger said.

They said the best part is getting to represent the community that got them to where they are today.

“We chose to be civil servants to serve our community, not for fame, we chose it because we love our community and we grew up in it and we wanted to serve it,” Badger said. “Because our community got behind us and shared our stuff, people who normally would’ve never heard of some cops from Buffalo took interest to it.”

“The reason why we are where we are today is we stay true to where we are, we never change. A lot of times in policing there’s a stigma that you get the badge and you’re gonna change who you are and that’s one thing we always vowed, no this is my career but I’m still gonna be the same person I’ve always been and that’s a love and caring person,” said Norwood.

They also started a program called COPPS, which stands for Children Overcoming Police Stereotypes through Sports.

Season 33 of The Amazing Race premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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