BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)– The Buffalo State College Community is reacting to a video News 4 first brought you Monday.

It shows a professor saying she’s quote “Sick of talking about Black Lives Matter.”

In a statement released Tuesday, Buff State’s President doctor Kate Conway-Turner said the following:

“Black Lives Matter at Buffalo State College. Our chief diversity officer will continue to gather all appropriate information regarding the situation.”

Conway-Turner released a full statement on the incident you can find here.

Student Government President Jennie Mauk says she’s waiting to see what Buff State does next.

“We haven’t received too much information yet on steps being taken internally to assure that this doesn’t happen again, and just recognize, you know, this isn’t something to dismiss, and it hasn’t been, which is incredible, so we’re just looking to see what next steps are and then how we can advocate for that change to be made, and make sure education is based around those discussions and not dismissing experiences.”

Mauk applauds the college for its many progressive movements and roles on campus.
But she also says there is always room for improvement.