Buffalo Teachers Federation president on Wingo decision: ‘It’s outrageous and wrong’

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A Buffalo Common Council member, who brought a loaded gun into a school last week, will not be charged, and not everyone is happy about that decision.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn made that announcement today. Here’s his reasoning behind not charging Ulysees Wingo.

But the president of the Buffalo Teachers Federation said this decision is sending a terrible message. 

“I think it’s outrageous, and wrong, and it just shows that there are two standards of justice: those who have political connections and the rest of us,” said Philip Rumore, the president of the BTF. 

Rumore referenced Dwayne Ferguson, who inadvertently brought a loaded gun into a Buffalo elementary school in 2013. Rumore said Ferguson, a community activist, also had a permit for the firearm. 

“He was charged with a felony, actually had to go to court, and actually had to end up doing 100 hours of community service.”

Rumore believes this will send a wrong message to kids who get in trouble for bringing weapons to school, and also residents of Buffalo. 

“If that were you or I, we’d be in jail, we’d be in front of the courts, he said. “We’d be charged. That’s because we’re not members of the political elite I guess.”

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