$110,000 settlement reached after Buffalo police shooting of dog in 2013


(Image courtesy of The Law Offices of Matthew Albert, Esq.)

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A $110,000 settlement has been reached after a dog was killed by a Buffalo police detective back in 2013.

The Law Offices of Matthew Albert, Esq. released a statement on the settlement Friday afternoon.

“The lengthy legal battle between an Iraqi war veteran whose dog was killed in a wrong house search warrant in 2013 recently came to an end. The City settled the claim for $110,000. The claim, for the killing of a companion animal by police, is the largest of its’ kind in New York State.

By all accounts, Cindy was a very well-adjusted Staffordshire terrier, who aside from being Adam Arroyo’s best friend, was also beloved by the Breckenridge Street and West side community where she and Adam resided. When police executed a warrant at the wrong residence, they encountered Cindy, who was home alone and tethered to her station. For reasons unknown, Det. Joe Cook, who has killed upwards of 50 dogs during his tenure as a Buffalo Police detective, shot and killed the defenseless animal. Arroyo’s attorney, Matthew Albert, Esq., fought to have criminal charges filed against Cook for this and other unjustifiable slayings of household pets during search warrant executions. Previous Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, as well as current District Attorney John Flynn, refused to investigate such claims.

Albert hopes that it is these types of settlements which will deter unlawful and often systemically racist police practices such as the exorbitant number of no-knock warrants that are executed primarily against men and women of color.

The Law Offices of Matthew Albert, Esq.

“Judges, in partnering with police to feed the prison industrial complex, sign search warrants with less thought than when they are choosing chicken or beef for whatever political fundraiser they are attending,” Albert says. “Innocent angels like Cindy and wrongfully accused soldiers, especially men of color like Adam, became mere casualties of an unjust system and a manufactured war on drugs.”

(Images courtesy of The Law Offices of Matthew Albert, Esq.)

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