(WIVB)–A new fundraiser will help the young woman who was hit by a Buffalo Police cruiser, back in April.

Chelsea Ellis is making major strides in her recovery at a Colorado rehab facility.

She’s now swallowing again, speaking a little, and learning how to get around in a wheelchair on her own. But the 30-year-old needs more financial help to receive care at the expensive facility.

So, 26 Shirts stepped in to help.

The company is selling shirts that feature a ‘Circle the Wagons’ design.

Eight dollars from every shirt will go toward Chelsea’s recovery.

Three months ago, Chelsea’s family says she was walking on the sidewalk with a friend when a Buffalo Police officer, who was headed to a call, hit them.

“To think that you could just be minding your own business, walking down the sidewalk, and then have this complete change out of nowhere entire your life, it’s just heartbreaking. And that’s what 26 Shirts is all about. It’s about helping people who have medical emergencies, family emergencies, stuff like that. We want to help people who are in terrible situations and provide a way for the community to wrap its arms around somebody who is hurting,” Del Reid said.

Chelsea is still on a ventilator, but she’s able to mouth words and even speak a few.

She’s been training in a wheelchair that uses eye-gaze technology to operate.

She focuses on arrows on a screen and that tells the wheelchair where to go.

Chelsea’s aunt tells us, she has a fever right now, but otherwise, she’s recovering really well.

For a link to buy a shirt to help Chelsea, click here.