BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A grandmother of the three-year-old boy who was found Monday sleeping in a box on a Potomac Avenue porch says she fears for the worst as police investigate.

On Tuesday morning, News 4 spoke with the boy’s paternal grandmother, Zenaida Colon, and we learned his name is Noelvin.

Colon believes Noelvin, who is currently in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS), was vacationing in Buffalo with his parents and a friend.

When Noelvin was found, relatives flew in from Orlando.

Child Protective Services is in the process of reuniting the Noelvin with his family.

The child’s parents are 24-year-old Nicole Merced Plaud and 31-year-old Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon, but Zenaida Colon fears that they were in a car that burned behind Black Rock Mini Storage on Tonawanda Street on Monday. The last time she spoke to the couple was Sunday.

Permission to use photo granted by Zenaida Colon

The car was found just before 6 p.m., and Buffalo police discovered possible human remains inside.

The fire, which police say burned extremely hot, and for a long time, probably began around 3 a.m. on Monday morning.

Ultimately, police believe it extinguished itself after badly damaging the vehicle to point of making it nearly unidentifiable.

Lois Augsburger said that around 8 a.m. Monday morning, she stepped outside and found the boy wrapped in a blanket. He was wearing only a pull-up diaper, and was in a cardboard box she leaves out for cats.

“I come out the door and I open this up and I just happened to look down and I see him starting to crawl out,” Augsburger said.

“He was crawling out of the box. He heard me. he must’ve heard me open the door and he came crawling out of the box and he had the blanket around him and I picked him up and I hugged him.”

A nearby daycare provider pitched into help. Dana, a daycare provider, chose to not have her last name made public but she said the boy was in good spirits, and wasn’t hungry.

“I had given him a car to make him a little more friendly. He enjoyed the car. he told me he has a sister. When I asked him what his mom’s name was, he said ‘Mommy.'”

She says he repeatedly referenced a burning car.

Anyone who saw smoke or fire in that area, or witnessed anything worth reporting to police, can call homicide detectives at (716) 851-4466.