A North Buffalo yoga studio rolls out their virtual yoga mat


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)– A lot of people are dealing with stress and anxiety, and now seems like the perfect time to tap into your peaceful breathing and stretching.

One local yoga studio is temporarily shutting its doors, but opening other opportunities.

It may be easy to get swept away by the burnout of doing home activities in isolation. But one thing to never give up on is staying active.

East Meets West Yoga Studio in North Buffalo is where you can stay mobile from more than six feet apart.

The benefits of practicing yoga have been well documented for years. Carrie Jacobson, the co-owner of East Meets West Yoga Studio in North Buffalo is urging people to not abandon it during the pandemic.

“There’s a benefit to exercise in general, but the thing that makes yoga different is the attention on the breath and really focusing on how the breath is moving within the body, how the breath affects the movement, and how we can affect the breath.”

Carrie Jacobson, Co-owner/Instructor East Meets West Yoga Studio

As the studio is being forced into shutdown once again due to the pandemic, East Meets West is prepared to continue serving ‘yogis’ from the ultimate social distance: online.

“We began offering online classes back in May and we recently began to create a class library. So we have three to five online classes every single day and then the majority of those classes are recorded and added to our class library.”

Carrie Jacobson, Co-owner/Instructor East Meets West Yoga Studio

Even though COVID fatigue exists, Carrie Jacobson encourages West New Yorkers not to give up on their bodies or local businesses, like East Meets West.

Jacobson says, “And now is really a great time to start if you’re afraid of moving to a yoga studio if you’re afraid of that kind of environment because you can start in your own home.”

She continues, “If you have questions, if you have concerns if you’re ready to start but you don’t know where to begin, you just pick up the phone, you send an email, you make contact- there’s a human being on the other end and they’re there to help you. Whether it’s us or any other yoga studio, and we need you right now as much as you need us.”

Pandemic or not, we want to encourage you to stay mobile and keep your health and wellness first.

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