BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Archer Daniels Midland announced Wednesday that it submitted an emergency demolition application to tear down the Great Northern Grain Elevator, which was damaged in the wind storm Saturday.

“The structure suffered substantial and extensive damage from the wind and storms over the weekend and now poses significant safety concerns on-site and at adjacent properties and roadways. Our primary concern is always the safety of the public, our neighbors, and our employees. Under the circumstances, we have submitted an emergency demolition application to the City. In it, we share our commitment to dismantle the structure in a prompt, responsible and safe manner and look for ways to preserve the legacy of the structure, such as donating artifacts to a local museum.”

Jackie Anderson, spokesperson for ADM

In the demolition order, ADM’s lawyers noted that the incident is one of several dangerous documented failures of the structure, which was built before the adoption of building codes. It cited catastrophic failures in 1907, in which the north wall was damaged and 1923, when three towers on the western face collapsed.

The emergency order also cited recent incidents of metal siding and bricks blowing off the building, posing a danger to other businesses and structures in the area. Engineer John Schenne determined that the elevator presents a serious safety hazard that must be addressed immediately and that fixing the structure would not be practical.

Congressman Brian Higgins called on ADM to help repair the damaged building following the storm. The elevator, which was built in 1897, has not been operational for several decades.

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