KANSAS CITY (WIVB)–The magic of the mafia is something all Buffalonians can relate to.

It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’re surrounded by Bills fans, you feel right at home.

There are fans all over the world including some Bills backers in Kansas City and as we learned, this might just be the perfect second home for the mafia.

A 30 minute drive north from Arrowhead Stadium will make you feel right at home.

“There’s a big Bills helmet on the wall, there’s a big Chiefs helmet on the wall kind of facing at each other. It’s the perfect place for when the Bills and Chiefs play each other.”

Rochester native John Rood moved to Kansas City in 2016.

Al’s Bar and Grill has been his Sunday destination for the past 4 years.

It’s a dive bar located in a strip mall and for John, it just feels like Buffalo.

“You walk in there and it’s a chunk of home we’re screaming, we’re hootin’ and hollerin’. We have a lot of really unique chants that we’ve developed over the years,” Rood said. “When people from out of town come visit they always hear us do our chants and they’re like what are you doing? It’s just something that we’ve developed from being together for 4 years.”

John and the rest of the Bills backers make sure to get there early on gamedays to reserve a section of the bar for the Kansas City Bills backers.

In the beginning, he had some work to do.

John had to prove to his new friends that the mafia is more than just football and folding tables.

“When I first moved out here one of the first things my co-workers would ask me was “have you been thrown through a table?” And no I have not is the answer…mom you don’t have to worry about that I haven’t gone through a table. But I have donated a lot of money, I’ve bought a lot of shirts from Del Reid and 26 Shirts and I’m proud to be part of that and I think it’s a cool part of the Buffalo community and it is starting to get recognized even out here,” Rood added.

In true Bills Mafia fashion, the Kansas City Bills backers have ramped up their charity efforts over the past two years.

They hold dollar raffles on Sundays and donate the funds to “Shop With A Cop” in Parkville, Missouri

If there’s one thing John has learned about KC it’s that just like Western New York, these two communities take care of each other.

Rood says, “I think Western New York as a whole, we’re just a giving community and really to compare it to Chiefs fans, Chiefs are also really kind of like that family feel of a fan base. For me it’s the ideal match up as far as fan bases go. These are the two groups that most deserve to be in this position and hopefully we’ll be here for years to come.” 

It’s an AFC Championship matchup that Bills Mafia would be happy to play every year.

But this newly minted Kansas City guy is sticking with his home team.

“Bills by a billion.. you gotta go Bills by a billion.”