Last week’s matchup against the Colts was an emotional one. High drama from the first whistle to the last. 

But for one member of Bills Mafia, his emotions got the best of him as the game came to a close. And his tears were caught on national TV for the entire world to see. 

We talked to Jason this week, and he tells us how that lasting image came to be. 

Jason Poch from Hamburg now counts himself among the lucky 6,700 people who were inside Bills Stadium for the team’s first home playoff game in a quarter-century — just five years longer than he’s had season tickets. 

Like most of Bills Mafia, football Sundays are a family affair. 

“I grew up as a humongous fan as a kid, watching as a kid with my dad and my grandparents, and aunts and uncles,” Poch said. “It’s just part of me. Every day I wake up on Bills days, I put my jersey on. I have three kids, I put jerseys on each one of the kids, and I’m trying to pass on that tradition of being a Bills fan and representing Bills Mafia.”

But this game was different. COVID testing, no tailgating, and just Jason and his best friend in attendance. 

When he arrived and found his seat in the corner of the end zone, Jason took it all in. 

“Being able to scream and yell and cheer on and everything, it was just awesome,” Poch added.

Emotions were high the whole game, but especially in the fourth quarter. 

Poch said, “that final drive when Josh fumbled it, and thank goodness the linemen covered it, because I immediately thought it my head, oh my goodness, this is Houston all over again. This was just going to be another way for the Bills to throw away a game.”

But this year, it didn’t happen. It went the Bills way. Jason lost it. And the cameras caught it. 

“The funny thing was is, right after that happened, my cousin and friend texted me and said I think I just saw you on TV. And they texted me the picture, and I think I said, so I guess I’m a meme. And I just tweeted it #BillsMafia,” Poch said.

In fact, he’s embraced the added attention. 

“We’re all feeling that, and so I’m humbled by it. And so that’s ok. I think it goes to show that the Buffalo fan base is the best fan base in the entire world. Some people think it’s just a game. Not to me, not to a big part of this community. The way the community rallies around the Buffalo Bills,” he added.