Bishop Timon opting for bringing students back into class five days a week as its first choice


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–A local school is opting for bringing students back into the classroom five days a week as its first choice.

Private schools have an easier path to reopening, and that’s working in Bishop Timon’s favor, which plans on bringing its boys back to school this fall five days a week.

The high school’s plan includes split entrances: Students entering from McKinley, faculty and staff entering from the side.

There will be quarantine areas for temperature checks and designated space for any student who is ill to wait and be picked up.

Staff will be advised to ask screening questions, and students are expected to wear masks for the most part.

As for class size, most can spread students out appropriately.

Michael Burns, chairman of the Board of Trustees, said any classes that are too big for good social distancing in the classroom will be held in a gym or cafeteria instead.

Burns explained the school is shooting for 100% in-person instruction because of inequities they can’t control at home. He said Bishop Timon is aware that not everybody has the same technology access in their home setting.

The school does have two alternative plans. Option B is all virtual, in which all students will be given school-issued laptops, and Option C, which is hybrid model, in which the student body will be split up into two groups, and they would alternate in-person instruction days, with Wednesdays closed for cleaning.

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