BTF wants to halt standardized testing in grades 3-8 during pandemic


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–The Buffalo Teachers Federation is calling for a halt on standardized testing for grades 3-8 during the pandemic.

BTF officials say they want to work with parents and other organizations to oppose the federal government’s requirement to test students in those grades.

A resolution, unanimously adopted by the Buffalo Teachers Federation’s Council of Delegates, is citing crying, refusing to go to school, and unreliable measures of student growth, as some of the harmful effects of the tests.

According to the BTF, the resolution also points out test results are not used to evaluate school districts or personnel.

“During a pandemic, mandating students in grades 3-8 to complete standardized tests that during non-pandemic times causes them great stress is, during the pandemic, unconscionable and must not be allowed,” BTF President Phil Rumore said. “Can you imagine how students who, under non-pandemic circumstances, are extremely stressed by the tests, as well as many more now who are enduring the pandemic and know they are behind in their studies, will feel? Obviously, those making this decision don’t. This can not be allowed to stand.”

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