BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — People in Buffalo are calling on state lawmakers to pass the Clean Slate bill.

They rallied downtown to show support for a bill that would seal and erase old conviction records.
Supporters say a criminal record can keep someone from getting a job or a house. They say passing this bill will give millions of people a second chance to succeed.

They also say it would also add more people to the workforce.

“Well for starters it’s economic justice, and so business owners would have broader access to jobs. right now during the pandemic, all we hear from business owners is how they don’t have people coming back to work and they need more hands. and with Clean Slate, you would have 2.3 million more hands.”, said Tanvier Peart.

This rally was one of five happening across the Empire State Thursday.

Supporters say clean slate bills have passed in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Utah.