A Buffalo baker is putting a creative spin on a popular treat. Rosalie Caruso started Buffalo Cake Pops about seven years ago, and has since gained a large social media following.

“The crazier and more detailed they are, I feel much more satisfied,” Caruso said.

From her basement bakery on Connecticut Street in Buffalo, Caruso creates the unimaginable… on a stick.

“Why cake pops? I’ve always been more crafty,” she said. “I like baking, but I hate walking back and forth from the oven. I kind of like baking one cake and then sit down and decorate for a few hours.”

Creative indeed.

Do you need a cake pop to celebrate a Bills party? Rosalie has created cake pops in the shapes of Bills jerseys, footballs and football fields.

How about a cake pop for a Taco Tuesday party? She’s created mini taco cake pops too. The list goes on and on.

But what exactly is a cake pop? Rosalie first bakes a cake (there are more than 20 different cake flavors customers can choose from), and then she crumbles it up and adds frosting.

“And then we shape them, mold them, and dip them in melted chocolate.”

Lately, on top of creating unique cake pop orders, she’s been doing a lot of cake pop wedding cakes too.

“The structure is actually all fake — it’s Styrofoam.”

Rosalie started Buffalo Cake Pops out of her home about seven years ago. She found the space she’s baking in now about 2.5 years ago, and she’s expanding again this Fall, to a larger space on Chandler Street.

“I’m just waiting on the developer now. He gutted two buildings on Chandler Street and turned them into culinary incubators. So there’s going to be about 15 to 20 others businesses in this building.”

Rosalie also enjoys teaching. Once she’s fully moved into her new space, she’ll offer more cake decorating classes as well.

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