Buffalo business poised to cash in making a product to help protect people from COVID-19


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–Tucked into Buffalo’s industrial southside is a behemoth who’s never been in such demand. 

Austin Air Systems manufactures high-grade air purifiers, which they ship all over the world. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, they’ve been playing catch up.

And they’re on the verge of tripling their business.

Business at Austin Air Systems is humming. 

And while many local businesses are struggling to get by or cutting their workforces, Austin Air is looking to hire at a record pace — in order to triple its output as soon as possible. 

“Starting in March, we’ve been working overtime six days a week, trying to catch up,” CEO Richard Taylor said.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a worldwide surge of need for Austin Air’s keystone product: The air purifier. 

Austin Air’s purifiers use a mixture of HEPA filters and activated carbon to remove 99.97 percent of all particles the size of viruses and bacteria from the air. 

And yes, that especially includes COVID-19. 

Taylor has been called on for big orders before. 

After 9/11, he was hired by FEMA to produce tens of thousands of air purifiers for residents living near Ground Zero.

“We were literally shipping tractor trailer loads down every day.”

In 2015, he supplied purifiers to homes and schools near Aliso Canyon, California, cleaning indoor air from a months-long methane gas leak that led to a state of emergency. 

“We worked here for seven days a week for four months straight. We took Christmas off and New Years off,” Taylor said. “By April, we knew this has changed forever. This is not going to be a big blip. We have got to — I’ve gotta go back to work. I’ve gotta streamline the operation.”

But this isn’t just different. It’s a permanent change to which they must adapt. And Taylor’s got to grow it. Fast. 

Austin Air produces about 500 purifiers per day. They need to produce three times that to meet worldwide demand. 

You can apply to work at Austin Air Systems by emailing jobs@austinair.com or their website

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