BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo Sewer Authority is in mourning after three of its employees were shot — one fatally — in broad daylight on I-190 Thursday.

New York State Police said Keyshawn N. Gault, 22, was killed in the shooting. The other victims who were taken to ECMC were driver Myron L. Walker, 30, and passenger Lamar T. Whitfield Jr., 23. All three were from Buffalo and part of the Green Infrastructure Stewardship Program.

“None of us are prepared for anything like this. The families are going through things, the Buffalo Sewer Authority family are going through some things right now [that we should never have to],” said Buffalo Sewer Authority General Manager OJ Mcfoy.   

Gun violence doesn’t only affect those directly involved in the incident but also the surrounding communities. A fact that doesn’t seem to change no matter how often events like these happen.

“We come to work to go home, and we provide for our family. We don’t come to work to look for any of this,” said CWA Local 1186 Union representative Michael Pettigrew.

Pastor James Giles has worked as a peacemaker and community leader in Buffalo for almost 45 years, collaborating between six antiviolence groups. Violence and comforting those it affects is a constant in this world, one that he believes is up to the community to resolve.

“We can do something about that. If you empower more community-based groups, what we call credible messengers to start providing economic opportunities for those individuals that find themselves in a situation that they must carry guns. Then efforts like this are going to help eradicate that high use of guns,” Giles said.

For those mourning any loved one gone too soon, Giles says neighbors’ presence means more than words to those affected.

“There’s nothing we can say to absolve or resolve what has just transpired in the loss of their loved ones. We can say, I’ll be here for you, whatever you need. Not just today but when all the fanfare is done and you’re sitting in the corner by yourself two weeks later after the funeral and all that and everybody’s forgot. You haven’t forgotten and I won’t forget,” Giles said.

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