BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A local roller rink is back open Saturday night after four people were shot there a week ago. The business is reopening with new security measures in place.

Pharaoh Paige, the owner of the Zone One Entertainment Complex is referring to last week’s shooting here and wants to clear the air.

He said he opened the East Amherst Street business as a place for the community to have fun. But after the shooting last Saturday that left four people wounded, including a 19-year-old woman who’s in critical condition, he’s making changes.

“When that happens it takes a toll on you,” said Pharaoh Paige, owner, Zone One Entertainment Complex. “It makes it hard to sleep at night. So, now we’re getting to that sense of community.”

The business is moving away from 18 and over events and focusing on creating a safe environment for families, plus they’ll no longer open past 10 p.m.

“They let us know that they will be coming back, they will be booking parties,” added Paige. “That they understand that myself as an owner and us as a staff has the best interest and the best heart at securing this facility and guiding our community.”

Paige tells us an armed security guard was working the night of the shooting but didn’t intervene as they should have.

A new security company has now been hired, in addition to 32 new surveillance cameras that will be installed and a new identification check-in system — guests will have to show I.D., which keeps a record of who’s inside.

A close friend of one of the victims says the shooting raised concern for many families who go here.

“We’re going to stand up against violence and stand up against people that try to violate our community with violence,” said Moe Badger, Buffalo parent. “And stand up and say ‘we’re here, our community is here,’ and stand hand-to-hand to combat this hateful spirit.”

Buffalo Police have made an arrest in that shooting and have charged 19-year-old Kenyatta Lee with criminal possession of a loaded firearm. I’m told that 100 percent of the money made at tonight’s re-opening is going directly to help the victims.

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