Buffalo, N.Y. (WIVB)– Popular Barbershop Il Mulino has expanded to Elmwood Village, owner Jared White says this opportunity for growth was particularly special.

“We took over a barbershop that was there for 25 through 30 years, the irony is that was, above that space, was the first apartment I ever lived in the city,” White said. 

White says part of Il Mulino success is providing a new perspective on barbering in Buffalo.

“Our downtown location we have custom clothing in-house, full-on cocktail bar, and we have a seven chair barbershop and salon, so it’s cool and we have a lounge in the front. That’s really what we are trying to bridge the gap from classic and modern,” White said.

For the future, White hopes to further revitalize the barbering industry in Buffalo by opening a barbering apprenticeship.

“I would love to explore the idea and option of a barber academy… many trades are actively dying, I would love to relight here, at least in Western New York,” White said.

Il Mulino uses the mobile software app Squire, which is rooted in Buffalo by winning second place in 43North, a technology start-up competition.

Dave Salvant, co-founder of Squire says he and his co-founder wanted to give barbershop owners a modern way to run a classic business.

“This was around 2015, Uber was starting to take off, OpenTable was starting to gain more traction, and that the barbershop was something that hasn’t changed since I was a child,” Salvant said.

Squire has processed over $100 million in bookings with over 2 million users across North America and the United Kingdom, Salvant noted that this wouldn’t have been possible without Buffalo.

“It was a great opportunity for us, we hired a lot in Buffalo, and it was critical to our success,” Salvant said.