Buffalo man charged with fatally beating girlfriend’s two-year-old son


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Buffalo man has been charged with murder in the death of a toddler.

Prosecutors say that on Tuesday, Nathaniel Baker, 23, beat two-year-old Jordan Robinson at a home on Theodore St. in Buffalo.

Robinson, his girlfriend’s son, was pronounced dead at ECMC.

“My prayers go out to whoever this baby’s related to and it’s really sad,” said Keke, a resident of Theodore Street who says it was about 4 p.m. Tuesday when she saw Baker and his girlfriend rush a child wrapped in a blanket out of the house and into a car.

Minutes later, police say the couple showed up at the Erie County medical Center. “A male and a female had brought a child into the hospital and the child had sustained what they believe to be some type of physical injury and the child was pronounced dead at the hospital,” said Captain Jeffrey Rinaldo, of the Buffalo Police Department.

“Why would anybody want to kill a child, period,” said Keke. “You’re evil. A baby cannot defend themselves. That’s why we’re there for them to take care of them and guide them in the right direction.”

When police arrived at ECMC, Baker was already left. He was found at his sisters home on Sanders Road in North Buffalo with two other babies inside so police tried to play it safe, according to Captain Rinaldo. “Our officers did an amazing job at the scene of completely slowing everything down. Our duty officer responded and a decision was made to call out the Crisis Management Team as well as our SWAT team to negotiate a successful conclusion to this.”

Baker is charged with second degree murder with a depraved indifference for human life, according to John Flynn, district attorney of Erie County. “The reckless taking of one’s life with basically a depraved indifference, no conceptual feeling at all for an individual’s life.”

“You don’t let nobody beat your child. I’d die for mine,” said Betty Macklin, who is part of a group called Most Valuable Parents. “Some of these mothers out there that feel lost, you ought to come join MVP because they can learn something. We can advocate them on how to be a parent.”

Baker is held without bail, and is scheduled for a felony hearing on Friday.

If convicted, he could spend 25 years to life in prison.

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