Buffalo mayor tasks Shoreline Apartments owner to clean up vacant property


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Broken glass, broken windows, trash, open gates, clothing and if you hang out on Niagara Street long enough, you’ll even see a person or two just walk right in the Shoreline Apartment complex.

Back in 2017 all the residents moved out.  Since then, it’s sat empty. Many of the westside residents say they’re fed-up and they want something done about it.

“I feel like it’s just making us look a mess here. Because it’s been like that for almost a year now, it’s not a bad area, but it just makes it look like it is,” said Nysha Camilo area resident  who walks past Shoreline Apartments every week.

“The homeless people, drug addicts come in there and take refuge and do things,” said Luis Villegas, former resident of Shoreline Apartments. “ A lot of the cement, as you can see, is falling apart, so you never know. If a kid is in there and they just happened to pull on the wrong thing, it’s going to fall on top of them and they’re going to get severely hurt.”

The company that owns the apartment building, Norstar USA, was supposed to demolish it in the spring of this year,  but that hasn’t happened yet. Norstar USA wasn’t available to comment for the story, but city officials say they have been in contact with them.

“They do have a plan, they have a project moving forward, we have asked in the meantime that some of the conditions be cleaned up as they are moving their project forward,”  said Mayor Byron Brown.

Brown says the owner has agreed to clean it up.

“We drive by the property all the time and it is in eyesore condition we don’t like the condition of the property,” he said.

A specific date or a timeline as to when the property will be cleaned up and secured,  was not established. The mayor did say clean up work could start within the next couple of weeks.

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