At Issue: Speed Cameras in buffalo should they be on all the time or just part of the school day?


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Mayor Byron Brown recently vetoed the common council’s measure to limit camera operation to just during dismissal and school admission.

“When children are in school and they’re not on the street we heard from the people who were getting tickets during t he day when there were absolutely no children on the street,” said “Council President Darius G. Pridgen.

There are only a few cameras in operation right now, and the mayor feels as though the cameras should be on for the duration of the school day.

Many local residents have their take on the issue.

“During school hours, because here the kids go to different buildings, they got to this building, they go to that building, and there’s one other building too and they have to cross the streets,” said Janet Sweeney of Buffalo.

“I think part of the day, because those are the most crucial hours hopefully later on the day there’s not as many children out,” said Desiree Sweeney of Buffalo.

“In my opinion, I believe that it should be while the kids are going to and coming from school,” said John Sanders of Buffalo.

Car accidents near school buildings in buffalo are not uncommon– according to city data there were a total of 101 crashes in 2017, that took place around five schools that have cameras.

The mayor said in his veto statement that safety is the number one reason for his veto.

The city school district agrees — they issued a statement saying that in order “to be effective, the cameras must stay on all day — for students who are boarding buses for field trips, teachers who take their students outside for structured walks around the school buildings.

Here are the times six of the cameras are currently active:

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