Residents living along Grant Street in Buffalo say drugs and prostitution continue to be a problem in that area.

It’s an issue Buffalo police say both home and business owners have brought to them. Police and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown are working with the community to solve this problem.

Buffalo police and the mayor moved their offices outside for the day. Police set up its mobile command unit on the corner of West Delavan and Congress street. Police say this gives them a chance to talk directly to people in the community and hear their concerns.

Several people at the event say they have seen a major improvement in the neighborhood along Grant Street but that more can be done.

“As we’re walking around the neighborhood, which we often do, we see needles,” concerned resident Kenneth Sull said. “We get up in the morning and walk the neighborhood and businesses and good citizens, homeowners are being approached by prostitutes. This can’t be in our neighborhoods. They gotta clean it up and this is a good start.”

Buffalo police commissioner Byron Lockwwod says they are looking into increasing patrols around grant street. He said having a bigger police presence in the neighborhoods will make it safer and reduce crime.

The organization Buffalo Peacemakers also helped organize this event. The mayor and police plan to hold more of these ‘Taking it to the Streets’ events in the future.