BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–Buffalo Police are in the process of replacing last names on police officer’s uniforms.

Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood says all officers need to have their name visible, unless during a protest.

In September, Mayor Byron Brown announced officers only had to make badge numbers visible.

This was after people were reportedly doxing officers after protests. 

According to Lockwood, uniforms are getting amended now. There will be a velcro patch, and officers can take their name tag off during civil unrest.

Their badge number still needs to be visible at all times, officials say.

Buffalo PBA President John Evans released a statement Monday evening regarding the news:

“Once again the men and women of the Buffalo Police Department have to learn about potential changes to a policy that could impact their safety, on and off the job, through the media rather than through the department’s top brass.  

“The fact is that the Buffalo PBA has not received any notification related to potential changes in the current policy about wearing name badges on their uniforms. The department’s decision several months ago to remove name badges and revert to using badge numbers was due to officers and their families being physically threatened by protesters and members of fringe groups unsupportive of the men and women of the Buffalo Police. 

“Unfortunately, the Mayor and police top brass are allowing themselves to be intimidated and placating to the interests of these fringe groups who have no desire to protect the men and women of the Buffalo Police and their families. And officers’ names are still currently provided on various items, including citations and appearance tickets provided to suspects.

“Regardless, when and if such a change in this or any policy is going to be further considered, the PBA should have a seat at the table with police brass and the administration to discuss it.  In the meantime, the Police Commissioner should be more focused on how to better address the dramatic increase in crime in the city over the past year, including shootings and homicides.”

John Evans, Buffalo PBA President