Police say man charged in former girlfriend’s death could be linked to the deaths of his child and mother


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo police say 24-year-old Charles Jones could be linked to his own child’s death, that happened last year. Jones is already being charged in the death of his former girlfriend and could be charged in his mother’s death.

Officers found the body of Jones’ mother Alethia Atwood Williams inside a closet in Jones’ apartment last week.

This was after Jones had a three-hour standoff with police at his apartment near East Ferry Street. Police arrived to Jones’ apartment to arrest him in connection to the death of his former girlfriend 25-year-old Jacquetta Lee. Lee was found dead in her main street apartment in July.

Now, Buffalo Police say they are investigating how Jones’ 10 month old daughter died.

“We’re re-scrutinizing those investigations that are still open,” Buffalo Police Captain Jeffrey Rinaldo said. “At this time you know I think our homicide squad did an amazing job taking someone who is a clearly extremely dangerous individual off of the streets and hopefully never sees the light of day again.”

Buffalo Police say members of the Erie County Medical Examiners officers and child protective services are also investigating the child’s death. Police say these types of investigations are a lengthy process.

Latia Boykin is trying to wrap her head around how her brother is linked to three seperate deaths.

“It’s not something I would ever think he would do,” Boykin said.

Boykin said it’s been a few years since she last spent time with her brother.

“At that prior time he was a very fun person to be around,” she said. “He would cook meals, he would hang out with my children, nothing was changed, nothing was out of the ordinary.”

She said her and her brother did not have the best relationship with their mom.

“She was nice and friendly and supportive to everyone else but not to me and Charles,” Boykin said. “We had a traumatic childhood growing up.”

Although their childhood was anything but perfect, she said she doesn’t support her brother’s behavior.

“I don’t condone his actions,” Boykin said. “I was raised in the same environment but I would never kill my mother, I would never harm another person even with the pain that happened to me.”

Currently, Jones faces 2nd degree murder charges in the death of his former girlfriend.

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