It has been a year like no other for people of all ages. 

“We wake up and we’re happy that the sun is shining . We have a roof over our heads. We have good, clothes.”

Shyana Broughton tries to keep her chin up in a tough year mostly focused around at home learning with her three kids. She also lost her job as a teachers’ aide so decided to launch her own business as a doula.

“Our Mommie Village it covers birth and postpartum and breastfeeding support for moms in the community,” Broughton said.

But in a year when problems just seem to compound themselves, her laptop became the latest casualty.

“My laptop was my sole way of communication with these other women because of Covid restrictions,” Broughton added.

Shyana’s children go to Tapestry Charter School where they are given take home tablets. But when her seven year old lost the cord to his tablet, she improvised and let him use her laptop.

“I literally walked away for a second and he spilled smoothie all over it and broke the screen. I had to regroup I went straight to my room and I had to apologize to his teachers because I got really frustrated.”

Now, she has a GoFundMe page to help her replace her laptop.

“I have been serving the community with my own pocket for years now it started when my kids were born so there’s a whole lot of us who are kind of in this but right now but the more of us that get out there and help each other the better we can be,” Broughton said.