Canadian fans bring giant Bills helmet bar to their backyard


ONTARIO, C.A. (WIVB)-Hundreds of miles away from Buffalo, sitting in the backyard of the Parnham family’s Southern Ontario home is a bills helmet – but not what you’re probably picturing.

“She said it’s a Buffalo Bills helmet and I said oh beautiful, send it in with your daughter tomorrow on the school bus and I’ll make sure I’m greeting her at the front door and she goes no you don’t understand – you can park your car in it,” said Rick Parnham.

Parnham was known for being the teacher with a love for the Buffalo Bills – and it was almost like fate the day one of his student’s moms came across the 12 by 12 helmet.

“One of my student’s moms was doing a sales call at a mall up in Barrie and coincidence happened that day that somebody came running into the mall manager’s office saying we need to get rid of that bloody Buffalo Bills helmet that’s up on the roof it almost crushed a car in the parking lot in a windstorm.”

Initially used as his son Blake’s sandbox before it turned into a woodshed, the helmet has had a versatile past. But it wasn’t until the day the Toronto Raptors won their championship that the family got the inspiration to create their own bar.

“Well if my favorite basketball team can win a championship, maybe my favorite football team can win a championship and where else would I rather watch it even with fighting against the inevitable hangover we decided it was a really good idea and that day took it down there put it up here and it’s been here ever since.”

Although they never doubted the Bills Mafia support, the father and son say they’re shocked by the amount of attention their little bar has received.

“To have two players, I think Cody Ford retweeted something and so did Matt Barkley and to have those guys thinking it’s neat, that was kind of our goal is to have a bunch of Bills fans think that it’s cool.”

Their other hope? To watch the bills win a superbowl while the family watches inside their bar.

Marlee Tuskes is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. See more of her work here.

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