BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) — A high-profile advocate for police reform is floating the possibility of becoming Buffalo Police Commissioner under the next mayoral administration.

“As police commissioner, I am supposed to look out for my officers as well as the community,” said Cariol Horne, who 15 years ago tried to stop a fellow officer from using excessive force. She lost her job as Buffalo Police Officer, but after a long legal battle is now eligible to receive her police pension. Her ordeal led to Cariol’s Law in the City of Buffalo. For the past six months, Buffalo Police Officers have had a “duty to intervene” if they see a fellow officer using undue force against a civilian.

She has been an advocate for police reform, a supporter of India Walton and now says if she is asked to be police commissioner in a Walton administration, she would be interested. “If needed in that position, then I would definitely do it. I’m not against police at all, I’m against police brutality and I am for the community.”

Horne says she hasn’t spoken with Walton recently about the idea of becoming police commissioner but adds she would be open to being part of any police reform.

On Thursday evening, Horne was part of a group of India Walton supporters who showed up at Sahlen Field to counter rally a group of Mayor Brown supporters. As she and another man competed to get their signs on camera, she at one point ripped down his Brown sign.

She describes what led up to it. “I was shoved from behind by one woman and another woman hit me in the face with the Byron Brown signs and then right after that is when the guy put the sign in my face and I snatched it from him. But I didn’t just do it because I felt like grabbing a Byron Brown sign.”

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