BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The City of Buffalo announced Thursday that the city has acquired six new snow plows from the state Thruway Authority.

The city said that the six new plows arrived on Thursday, from the state’s designated surplus fleet. They are being loaned to the city and will remain property of the state, while the city is responsible for maintenance. They will be returned to the state once the city is no longer in need of them.

It comes on the heels of the city purchasing four new plows earlier this year, which are set to be in the city’s possession by the end of 2023. The plows cost over $900,000.

Also, the city said that the winter snow plan will be released by the end of October, from a winter task force that was formed following the December blizzard in 2022.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told News 4 the partnership between the city and the state came as the result of supply chain issues and lag times in the delivery of equipment previously purchased.

On News 4’s monthly Ask the Mayor segment with Jacquie Walker, Brown on Friday said that the city has upped its communication with other governmental agencies and made equipment upgrades across its fire, police and public works departments that will help the city be “much more effective” in dealing with snow this winter.

“Let’s start talking a lot earlier. Let’s start talking year round,” Brown said on what the city learned from last year’s deadly storms. “So we’ve been in discussions with the state, with the county, with other municipalities in the region about this upcoming winter season. We feel very prepared for the coming winter.”

Brown confirmed the city was still in the process of filling open positions for a fleet manager, who would manage the city’s police cars, fire trucks and snow plows, and an emergency manager. Those jobs were approved by the Buffalo Common Council in February and councilmembers followed up in September with a letter to Brown’s administration asking for an update.

Brown said the city has conducted interviews, including one on Thursday, and has extended the search window for the positions.

“[We] hope to fill those positions, but my position has always been, that even without those positions, it will not impact our ability to successfully and effectively deal with winter weather in Buffalo,” Brown said.

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