BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — To wrap up International Compost Awareness Week, a local compost facility made a big donation to FeedMore Western New York.

Buffalo River Compost donated five cubic yards of compost to FeedMore’s community garden.

This will help them grow more fruits and vegetables to benefit the community while recycling at the same time.

“This will really allow us to really grow more nutritious fruits and vegetables. We know compost helps aerate the soil and really grow better products,” said Catherine Shick, public relations specialist at FeedMore.

The garden benefits the community in several ways. People can come and learn about the benefits of growing their own food, take nutrition classes, and take home the crops they grow.

Many fruits and vegetables are also donated to local food pantries like St. Patrick Food Pantry in Buffalo.

“We welcome it in the summer. We look forward to getting the fresh fruits and vegetables, our clients look forward to it, we’ve actually benefited in getting plants, getting some seedlings and giving them to the clients who have grown their own vegetables,” said Annie Carlson, co-coordinator at the pantry. “That’s a big plus to get the fresh right from the farm.”

That’s the end of the process, but the starting point is Buffalo River Compost. They take people’s food scraps, turn them into compost material to go to the gardens, and so on, all reducing waste.

“At the and of the day there’s sort of an end of that cycle and those byproducts that come from that cycle then come back to us we put them back into our process and turn it back into a premium product that would be used back at FeedMore here. So it’s the shop local, support local, and the circular economy,” said Brian Murphy, general manager of Buffalo River Compost.

They also bring their compost to several other places around the area. There are many third parties people can compost through, and the scraps end up at BRC.

The food pantry is always accepting food donations at 1119 William Street. Both the pantry and community garden welcome more volunteers.

To volunteer at the FeedMore garden, people should call (716) 822-2002.

Kayla Green is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.