Feels a bit like a pressure cooker. In 2017, the postseason, it felt like we were playing with house money, just glad to be there.

Last season, folks showed up here for training camp truly feeling we had something special brewing that no one else saw, and that made that Wild Card loss to the Texans really sting.

This year, well, we got something going, and no one knows that more than Pinto Ron.

When we talk about top hardcore Bills fans, Ken Johnson better be in the conversation.

For those who don’t know he attended every single home and away game for the Bills from 1994 to 2020, that’s around 425 games.

Didn’t miss one until of course this season when fans were not allowed into the stadium because of the pandemic.

Now he’s not just known for his attendance, but also his pregame antics and we asked him what he’d be doing if the Browns had won and it was a home game today.

“Normally in the back of a private lot and I get there 24 hours ahead so we tailgate the night before. I come back in the morning and we surround the Pinto. We’ve got Pizza Pete off to one side doing his pizza oven thing. Just a cast of characters all over the place and it attracts a large crowd, which might be a little bit of a problem next year,” Johnson said. “I might have to dampen it down a little bit. So normally I’d be out there right now if it was a home game and there’d probably be hundreds of people coming and going over the course of the 6 hours, but we’ll get back there, we’ll go back to those days.”

You might be wondering why is Ken Johnson’s nickname Pinto Ron.

Well, back in 1990 some article messed up his name and his friends made sure it stuck.

Those kinds of shenanigans as Johnson calls them is a trademark of his legendary tailgate parties most people knowing him for his ketchup and mustard showers.

We asked him to explain, when it comes to that, how, and why?

“This started back in like 1990, we’re always up to little shenanigans and one day I needed some ketchup for my burger and my brother squirted it like 18 inches and I was like oh I didn’t expect that, I just expected him to toss it on, suddenly we started doing that every game and then he started doing it farther and farther and another guy took over and another guy ended up standing on the Pinto, kind of arching it over, I was trying to catch it like this at the time, just to bounce it off the burger and, you know, 30 years go by and every it increments a little bit now look what you see,” Johnson said.