BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns is continuing to crack down on long-neglected properties, also known as “zombie properties”

Monday, Ocwen Financial Corporation from New Jersey joined the “good neighbor project” which ensures vacant and abandoned properties throughout the county owned by out of town banks, servicers or investors are held to the same standards as neighbors who maintain their property.

“That’s what we are looking for a two way street, a way to communicate to make sure this whole community can benefit from this property once the foreclosure is over it can become a part of the neighborhood on the tax rolls and really help the community as a whole have another family in it,” said Kate Lockhart, the director of the Western New York Law Center.

Kearns says most of the problems come from out of town — banks, investors or servicers who do not feel close to the property or the city.