BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–Erie County Legislators voted today to help kids impacted by lead poisoning, in the County.

They voted yes to a $250,000 resolution to help 100 kids.

Lead exposure has been proven to increase the risk of developmental delays, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities.

Project Director for Lead 716, Leah Bartlo says about 1,200 kids in Erie County were diagnosed with elevated lead levels just last year.

She says the first thing you should do when you find your child has these elevated lead levels is get the lead out of the child’s environment, but you should also mitigate the damage on their learning long-term.

Bartlo added, “All of those kids might appear to be developing totally normally. They may be a-symptomatic, but down the road, as they’re in school K-12, that’s when they may encounter difficulties, either with their ability to grasp what the teacher is instructing them, or with their behavior, ADHD is very common with children who have been diagnosed with elevated lead.”

Lead 716 and the Learning Disabilities Association is trying to mitigate those issues across the life-span of these kids.

Bartlo and others today said they hope Erie County will add that money to their 2020 budget. That has not been approved yet though.