BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The family of 21-year-old Jorge Garcia-Leon says he was shot and killed inside Club Marcella one week ago. And now they’re sharing his story and calling for justice.

“He died in his dad’s arms and my daughter holding onto him, begging him to stay,” said Jeanne Gang, Garcia-Leon’s mother.

Gang says Garcia was her only boy and a ray of light.

“Just goofy and protector, very protective of myself and his sisters,” Gang said. “And of course his daughter, but even before his daughter he was all about his sister and myself.”

Garcia’s family says his daughter was his world.

“She changed him into a very wonderful young man,” Gang added. “As soon as he found he was having her, he stopped all his nonsense. He stayed in the house, even when she was pregnant with her. He just wanted to do the right thing for her.”

Garcia turned 21 years old back in October and had been to Marcella’s a few times, but hadn’t been in a while. One week ago, he decided to have a fun night out with his sister and father at the Michigan Avenue club.

“He was protecting his little sister,” said Gang. “Got into an altercation and then a few minutes later the guy came back with a gun and shot him.”

Jeanne says a stranger called her and told her to get down to the club, but it was too late.

“I fell to the floor, and then I just kept thinking how afraid he was and how scared he was and how all he was thinking about, I’m sure was his daughter.”

Garcia’s older sister, Samantha Goodwin, wants Club Marcella up its security and for the shooter to turn themselves in.

Goodwin said her brother leaves behind a legacy of love.

“Ensure that wherever he is, he knows that Ava is taken care of,” Goodwin said.

A 17-year-old has been arrested for weapons charges.

However, police are still looking for the shooter.

To donate to the family of Jorge Garcia-Leon, click here.

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