GoFundMe for 12-year-old boy who died after he was hit by a truck while walking home from school


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Dozens of neighbors and friends visited a makeshift memorial for 12-year-old Marcell Yanders Wednesday. Marcell died shortly after he was hit by a truck while crossing Hampshire Street between Normal and Albany Streets on Monday.

“He was the only person I actually understood on this street. We had so much fun. He didn’t even get to enjoy his 13th birthday,” said Nazeon Murphy.

Brothers Damare and his brother Nazeon Murphy were among those who visited the Hampshire Street memorial for Marcell.

“I feel sad, he was my best friend,” said Damare Murphy.

Kiki Omar and her daughter visited the memorial as well. She says she was outside when the accident happened.

“I seen the big red pickup truck that hit the boy, and the little boy was laying right here bleeding profusely,” she said. “We called 911. We were trying to stop the cars and traffic, because they were still trying to pass, which was crazy.”

The family wasn’t available to comment, but a spokesperson for the family spoke out.

“You really have to be alert in that area and that time of day,” said Pastor Tim Newkirk, GYC Ministries Community Action Coalition. “That’s the time of day when most kids are coming home from school or going to other programs. You need to be mindful of that. That’s negligence.”

Buffalo Police say they’re investigating the incident.

“They’re doing an extensive investigation, and extensive follow up, it includes videos that have been recovered and viewed and additional video that they are in the process of recovering,” said Joseph Gramaglia deputy commissioner Buffalo Police. “It’s an awful tragedy our hearts go our to the family. You never want to see this happen.”

For the GoFundMe for Marcell, click here.

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