Haircut for the big win: Bills fan has not cut his hair in 34 years


Never been trimmed since 1986. Yeah, you heard that right.

That man’s name is Randy Korkowicz.

In 1986, when he made his wedding vows to his wife, he also vowed that he wouldn’t cut his hair again until the Bills win the Super Bowl.

Randy is a lifetime Bills fan, he bleeds Buffalo blue.

He tells us when the team was founded in 1960, his father turned to him and said this is our team now, we’re rooting for them forever.

Randy has always had long hair but would be happy to part with it if the Bills bring home the Lombardi trophy.

“Maybe Josh Allen will want to cut it for me,” Korkowicz said. “If they’ll take it, I’d certainly donate it to one of the places that takes hair, if they love this beautiful color pewter that I have.”

You might be wondering why Randy’s hair isn’t longer since he hasn’t cut it in 34 years. There are many reasons for that, including genetics.

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