BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — There are new pieces of public art scattered throughout the East Side of Buffalo and that art will gather community input as well.

They’re called “idea boxes” and 20 of them scattered across the East Side outside businesses. Some of them are in abandoned buildings and lots. The hope is these boxes will draw attention to often overlooked black and brown areas.

Inside the boxes are postcards you can fill out, with what you’d like to see in that specific neighborhood.

Pride In Place Buffalo Initiative Project Manager Alexa Wajed said, “What do you see in this space? What type of development would you like to see in this space? Would you like to see public artwork in this space? Or is there particular programming in this space that you would like to see?”

These ideas will go to an organization called LISC WNY which will partner with different organizations to help bring your ideas to life.

You can also share stories about these neighborhoods. In order to foster more pride in these places.

“So if anybody has any stories from their neighborhoods, local businesses or past businesses that are no longer there, or just significant people who have made their mark in the communities, no matter how big or how small, we want to hear about those stories.”

Each box was designed by a local artist who was paid for their work. This pride-in-place Buffalo initiative was made available by an AARP community challenge grant LISC WNY and the Buffalo Center for Health Equity. That grant was worth $30,000.

For more information on the project and where to find the boxes, click here.